Saturday, March 28, 2009

march 28 2009

I bought 4 records today. The Juno Soundtrack, and then records from the Joydivision, Radiohead, and the violent femmes. I am currently listening to The Smiths. Its pretty exciting. I keep having these intense fantasies about living in an apartment without roomates. Where i can listen to music as loud as i want and my cat can run freely without my neurotic chinese roomate having a heart attack. She says "I allergic" but really i think that she is just afraid of cats because every encounter the two have had she always knocks on my door exctremely frightened whispering in an exasperated voice that "Dorian, he try to catch me"....Wtf. My cuddly ball of fluff tried to CATCH you? DOrian must have a crazy split personality.
Yesterday i went to Buffalo exchange and got some pretty sweet dresses and an awesome pair of jeans with floral embroridery. There are pretty awesome parts about frequenting record stroes and thrift shops but there is another sad depressing part about it all that really frustrates me.
People normally use the word "fake" in regards to blonde hair dye and tanning beds but personally i feel as though it can also be used for the protypical non conformist. Is there some website where adolesence go to try and figure out how to be hip? I especially hate boys because they try so hard to seem as though their interests are far superior to mine and if we should perchance enjoy the same book or album, than i must be some rare female creature who is wonderful enough to be on HIS level. Half the time i feel as though these same male morons don't even get the music and Books they read. IF one more boy talks to me about gonzo journalism i might barf....i don't think fear and loathing in las vegas was even that great. And just so you know i may love the Smiths and the velvet underground....but i also can admit without the bat of an eye that i was sad when i found out that the britney spears concert was sold out. I heard on K104 ( yeah i listen to that station too sometimes) that Obama was making steps to legalize mariguana.....when my joy began to subside....i had a short thought that he might in fact be the antichrist. If anyone has any news about this please let me know. SPeaking about the whitehouse how did everyone enjoy obamas question and answer thingy on thursday about the economy. I love the whitehouse's web page....its interesting.
I wish that Deep Ellum was still in its glory. Its gone from nearly 60 clubs and bars to about 16. Dallas used to be a legendary place....i wish i had been there then. I'm so tried of seeing this exhausting parade. I get this crazy itching feeling inside of me to go out and explore. I like meeting new people but i don't want to pretend to be beautiful or desireable. I like going into bars and listening to stories. I was in this bar last week and this guy was talking to me about how his father abandoned him and in high school this girl who knew who his father was and also knew that she was his cousin approached him and made out with him....she told him later that they were related.....i couldn't fathom what would posses a 16 year old girl to actively pursue her long lost cousin. Then on another night that i went out i head stories from this other fella who told me about how he had severely dislocated his shoulder at a rock concert in his youth during an acid trip. SUpposedly his friends thought it would be funny to slip him acid on pieces of candy....he ended up taking 5 hits of acide before he began to realize what was going on. the next day he realized the terrible state of his shoulder but could not afford the medical treatment necisarry to fix it. SO he just kept putting his shoulder back in place for years whenever it became dislocated....which was often. He told me that one time he sneezed and his arm came out of its socket and it was so painful that he finally went in for the surgery which was the most painful experience of his life. I'm pretty sure he's an alcoholic now. But i find him strangely attractive. I'm attracted to crazy people. They feel things so intensely. Then on another occasion last monday i met this lady who designs clothes from hemp and also would like to produce music. Her mother is highly competitive with her since she is also in the fashion industry. According to this woman her mother was so insecure about her daughters growing collection that she told all the people willing to wear and promote her line (which included big names like Leonardo dicaprio and Gweneth Paltrow) that she was involved with alot of legal probablems becasue of the use of hemp and that they shouldn't get involved. Of course all of these stories were told to me by people under the influence of alchohal so i have no way of testifying to their accuracy....but they are all pretty fantastic. The woman also wrote down her number and website on a bar napkin and she wants me to go and listen to this girl that she is derperately trying to get into the studio....i might go. But the boy that i am kinda thinking abotu dating again wants me to acompany him to a party....and i love parties.
If anyone gets the chance they should watch Plain Dirty. Its a great film staring Dominique Swain and it will completely revolutionize your conceptions of the term "soul mate"